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November 2021 Green Team News

Spiritual Walk for November

Sunday November 21   2:00 -3:30 pm    C &O Canal Lock 26 at Dickerson

Come enjoy the fall weather as we walk between the canal and the Potomac River.  The terrain is flat and easily accessible.


Take Route 85 (Buckeystown Pike) southwest out of Frederick. In about 10 miles Buckeystown Pike becomes Dickerson Road (Route 28).  After crossing the bridge over the Monocacy River, continue about another mile.  At Mouth of Monocacy Road turn right and continue for about another mile (where it ends).  You will be at the Monocacy Aqueduct with parking on the left.  We will meet there.


Statement of Support for the Maryland Environmental Human Rights Amendment

The Green Team proposes that ERUCC support the Maryland Environmental Human Rights Amendment.

The members of Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ voted to become a Creation Justice Church.  In our covenant, we committed to advocating for environmental justice so that those who may not be in a position to speak for themselves can reap the rewards of such efforts. We are now in a position to act on that promise.

In September, Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin spoke to us during Let’s Talk about the proposed Maryland Environmental Human Rights Amendment.  Below are the main reasons why the right to a healthful environment needs to be protected in our state constitution.

  1. It is a moral imperative to protect the basic human dignity of having a healthful environment
  2. The health of the people of Maryland is negatively impacted by environmental pollution and degradation. The health disparities are more egregious in communities of color and low-income neighborhoods where environmental pollution and degradation is concentrated.
  3. An Environmental Human Rights amendment would empower all Marylanders, local governments, and the state to protect and defend this fundamental right.
  4. A constitutional right would be the foundation for improved laws and regulations, and act as a true guardrail to prevent the most egregious forms of harmful actions now and for future generations, providing environmental justice in our state.
  5. A constitutional right, as opposed to a regular law, would ensure that environmental protection is considered among the highest obligations of the government, pursued as “a matter of the highest public priority,” (per MEPA) and not merely “good public policy”.

Supporting this amendment is a tangible example of how we can advocate for environmental justice so that those who may not be in a position to speak for themselves can reap the rewards of such efforts.

The Consistory will vote on this statement at the end of November.  Your thoughts and feelings about it would be appreciated.  You can talk to any member of the Green Team, to Peter Brehm or any member of consistory or Pastor Daniel.



Composting 101

Why is ERUCC composting?

  • Composting keeps food waste out of the landfill. This reduces the carbon emissions from the trucks that haul our waste to Chambersburg PA and it reduces the tipping fee that the county pays.
  • Food waste in landfills produce gases that are comprised primarily of methane and carbon dioxide, both of which cause global warming.
  • Composting is a sustainable way to turn food waste into a healthy life-giving soil.

What can we compost at ERUCC?

  • ERUCC has contracted with Key City Compost which is a commercial composting company so we are able to compost much more than you can in a home compost pile.
  • ALL food waste including dairy, meat and cooked food can go in the compost bin.
  • ALL paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates, food soiled paper and pizza boxes can go in the compost bin.
  • BPI compostable cups, bowls and plates. If we use a compostable product during fellowship hour, it will be of compostable quality.

How can you help?

  • Follow the signs on the bins for disposing of waste at the end of fellowship.
  • Dump liquids into the liquid bucket.
  • Food waste and napkins go in the compost bin.
  • Items such as clean paper and plastic or glass bottles, jars or tub go in the recycling bin. Check the list for items that can’t be recycled.  HINT- Clamshells, plastic trays and plastic wrap are not recyclable.
  • Snack bag wrappers go in a separate bin. They can be recycled at Common Market but not in the blue bin.
  • Dishes go in the tub to be washed.
  • Anything that is left goes in the trash bin. This includes Starbucks cups!

You will be AMAZED at how much we can reduce our landfill footprint!  Thanks for helping!





Thursday Thoughts December 24, 2020

Thursday Thoughts December 24, 2020

CLICK HERE to read the Thursday, December 24 Thursday Thoughts

December 24, 2020

Dear Congregation:

Tonight, as we welcome the birth of Jesus, remembering and celebrating that God is with us, may we be blessed with these words:

In the beginning, the Word;

the Word was in God’s presence,

and the Word was God.

The Word was present to God from the beginning.

Through the Word all things came into being….

In the Word was life, and that life was humanity’s light-

a Light that shines in the night,

a Light that the night has never overtaken.

Go forth to witness to the Light, to the Word,

to the Glory of God dwelling in us;

Go forth to live in grace and truth.

(Rev. Susan A. Blain, Minister for Worship and Gospel Arts, Justice and Local Church Ministries, Faith INFO Team, UCC)


May you be blessed with the wonder of Christmas and the good news of light shining into our lives.  The light of Christ shines and nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever put it out.


Worship Notes              

                        Christmas Eve Services

5:30 p.m.   Children’s Service in the main sanctuary (live streamed)

7:30 p.m.    Candlelight & Carol Service in the main sanctuary (live streamed)

10:30 p.m.  Christmas Eve Communion Service (Trinity Chapel)


            First Sunday After Christmas   December 27

Our first reading is from Isaiah 61:10—62:3. In this portion of the long book of Isaiah, we read of the people’s return from exile, and encounter recurring themes of justice and righteousness, as well as the overarching theme of salvation. The prophet emphasizes God’s message of forgiveness, consolation, and hope, revealing God’s plan of blessing and salvation. The Gospel lesson is from Luke 2:22–40 resounds with the salvation theme as the righteous and devout man Simeon encounters the newborn Christ child and breaks into his song of praise.

The service will conclude with the “Letting Go and Letting God” ceremony.  This is a time when the congregation will be invited to write down on a piece of paper those things which each person wants to let go of from the old year of 2020, receive God’s grace and move into the new year with divine blessing and hope.  The dissolving pieces of paper will be placed in a bowl of water at the front of the chancel.


Food for Thought:              

“Joy to the world!”  Anyone for whom this sound is foreign, or who hears in it nothing but weak enthusiasm, has not yet really heard the gospel. For the sake of humankind, Jesus Christ became a human being in a stable in Bethlehem: Rejoice, O Christendom! For sinners, Jesus Christ became a companion of tax collectors and prostitutes: Rejoice, O Christendom! For the condemned, Jesus Christ was condemned to the cross on Golgotha: Rejoice, O Christendom! For all of us, Jesus Christ was resurrected to life: Rejoice, O Christendom! … All over the world today people are asking: Where is the path to joy? The church of Christ answers loudly: Jesus is our joy! (1 Pet. l:7-9). Joy to the world!   (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel, Senior Pastor

Evangelical Reformed Church, United Church of Christ

15 West Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701




The Mitten Project

The Mitten Project

Here is an AWESOME opportunity to serve the Downtown Frederick Community. 

ERUCC has joined the Federated Charities – Charity Mitten Project.

Starting Sunday, December 6th a decorated collection box will be located in the lobby of the church where you can place donations of Mittens, Winter Hats and Gloves of all shapes, sizes and colors.

These donations will be collected once a week through New Years Day and taken to the Federated Charities building where items will be put out for the public to take as needed – no questions asked.

Feel free to email with any questions. THANK YOU

275th Anniversary Limited Edition Ornament for Sale

275th Anniversary Limited Edition Ornament for Sale

Now Available!                               November 2020                          CLICK HERE FOR FORM

Excited to reveal the 275th Anniversary commemorative ornament, featuring  Trinity Chapel’s beautiful stained glass window.

This miniature, just 2”x3” in size, reproduces the historic window on glass, with a metal frame and hanger. Now available for sale at $15 each, your purchase supports the Preserving Our History campaign. All funds raised through the sale of the miniature windows go directly into our historic building preservation fund.

Just 200 boxed miniatures were ordered, the shipment is here, and they are available for purchase today. Use the order form below, or contact ERUCC to submit your request.

A sincere thank you to Jeff Schaeberle whose photograph of the stained glass window was used to create this miniature. His talents shine brightly at ERUCC!



Yes!  I/We want to order the miniature of Trinity Chapel’s stained glass window

Quantity:  _______  @ $15 each *  = $          ___________

How would you like to receive them?  r Pick up from church

Deliver with my next envelope    Other __________________________________

I/We would like to make an additional donation to the 275th Campaign this year $ __________


Name:             ___________________________________________________________________

Address:          ___________________________________________________________________

Email:  _____________________________________ Phone:______________________________


* 100% of your purchase is a donation to ERUCC’s Preserving Our History campaign! The cost of the ornaments has been underwritten so that all purchases support the anniversary campaign.


Thank you!




15 West Church Street, Frederick, MD  21701  |  301-662-2762 ♦ Fax 301-695-2578 ♦

A Meditation from Pastor Daniel

A Meditation from Pastor Daniel

Last evening for our Consistory meeting opening, I shared this meditation written by Rev. Elsa Cook, a UCC minister. I first read it in an email sent by Rev. Michael Caine, pastor of Old First Reformed UCC, Philadelphia.
I was asked to share it more broadly, so here it is, with permission from Rev. Cook. You can click on the link to experience it as a guided meditation.
Let us find a minute
to catch our breath
after all that has happened
in six months
and in just one week
let us breathe in love
breathe out fear
breathe in hope
breathe out every evil
expel all the air
so that there is nothing
left but mutual affection
feel that catch in your
throat and let go
as you fill your lungs
with honor and zeal
for people and creation
and even the future
breathe in what will serve
God and fill your spirit
feel that stuff
pump through your veins
with every bit
of oxygenated wonder
push the uncertain
discomfort that has
lived so comfortably
in every fiber
of your being

for the the past several months,

out through your pores
release the toxins
that have held you back
from believing
that God is with you.
God is in every
breath and every hope.
God is in every
blessing and
every need.
Breathe in
this faith.
Breathe in.
Catch your breath
so that you are not
overcome by evil
but let that evil go and
know that evil will
only be overcome
with good trouble.
Let us catch our breath
so that we can be
The good trouble God needs.
Book Discussion: November 2 at 8 p.m.

Book Discussion: November 2 at 8 p.m.

How to be Anti-Racist

Engagement, Conversation & Opportunities

“Becoming an anti-racist is a life-long journey.  It happens in community with other committed people who journey together and commit to decentering whiteness, leaning into practices to decolonize socialized patterns of thinking and behaviors.  The process includes relearning history, correcting false narratives, and working towards radical shifts in policies and structures that harm black lives”. ~ Velda Love


Book Discussions

via Zoom Call
Meeting ID: 868 9329 7577                Passcode: 494164


November 2 at 8 p.m.

So You Want to Talk About Race

Ijeoma Oluo


December 1 at 7 p.m.

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

Austin Channing Brown

ERUCC Announces Prayer Vigil

ERUCC Announces Prayer Vigil

PRAYER VIGIL ON THE EVE OF THE USA ELECTIONS on Monday, November 2 ,  7– 7:30pm

ERUCC will hold a prayer vigil on the eve of our election day on the front steps of the main sanctuary.  The vigil will include time for silence as we hear the beating of one another’s hearts for peace.  The only words spoken will be a brief welcome and an invitation to share in the prayer of St. Francis, “Let me be an instrument of thy peace.”  Those gathered will be invited to sing, “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”


Candles will be provided.  Masks are required and participants will be asked to maintain physically distancing.


The vigil will also be live streamed on the ERUCC Facebook page – Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ.