March 2022 Green Team News

LET’S TALK! Caring for our Beautiful Planet! March 13, 20, 27 9:30 -10:30 a.m.

The Green Team will host a series of discussions on ways to live more sustainably during the Sunday Let’s Talk forum. Join us in the Community Room. Topics will in include tips for reusing and repurposing our stuff, why and how to dispose of food waste through composting and the benefits of native plant landscaping. See the full descriptions under

Let’s Talk. SHARING SUNDAY March 13

Do you have books, puzzles, games and clothes that you no longer use but are still in good condition? Do you have any repurposing hacks or crafts that you can share? Bring them in to swap, trade or give away! At Let’s Talk, from 9:30 – 10:15, we will share ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle.

SPIRITUAL WALK Sunday March 13 2:00 – 3:30 pm 2250 Bear Den Rd. (condo parking lot) Join us for a walk in Wormans Mill. Marj Berkheimer helped us plan a beautiful route along Tuscarora Creek and through wetlands and woods. Many birds and other wild creatures create a joyful spiritual atmosphere here. In addition, we will walk past the ruins of the Mill Pond House. Jennie Russell, our ERUCC historian will come along to fill us in on the story behind the ruins. The trail is paved and accessible.

Directions from ERUCC: Take Market St. north through Frederick, merge onto Rt 26. Follow Rt. 26 past the shopping areas. Turn left on to Waterside Dr. Turn right onto Rippling Brook. Turn right on to Bear Den Rd. Drive to the end where the road meets the condo parking lot. Park on the far eft side of the parking lot.

LENTEN GREEN CALENDAR – This calendar gives you a different way to reflect as you observe the season of Lent. Some paper copies will be available at church or you can access it through this link:.


ENERGY FOR A CREATION JUSTICE CHURCH By now, you have certainly seen solar panels on homes and businesses. But what about churches? There are some, but have you ever considered whether solar energy could be generated by ERUCC? As we discern our plans for replacing the roof of the main sanctuary in 2023, we should consider this opportunity to include solar panels in our planning.

A leading reason to consider solar panels is our mission and call to be stewards of God’s creation. When we voted to become a Creation Justice Church we adopted a covenant which reads in part:

As a church, and as individuals, we pledge to care for our planet and to seek justice for those whose lives have been adversely affected by the neglect of our environment. This also means that we will recycle responsibly, use the earth’s resources with as little waste as possible, support efforts at reducing the effects of climate change, help protect endangered species, reduce our carbon footprint and stop air and water pollution.

Solar panels would be a significant action our congregation could take to demonstrate our dedication to creation. We currently purchase some of our energy through a community solar model, but direct solar would expand our impact.

Another reason to install solar panels on our main building is to save money! Our building would be able to generate some of its own electricity rather than receiving it from the grid. Money saved could be reinvested elsewhere.

There is much to consider and your input is invaluable. Please join the Property Committee for more information and a conversation about the possibilities of harnessing energy from the sun on Sunday, March 13 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom:        Meeting ID: 842 2471 9533        Passcode: 306203

Contact Owen York, or 301-401-4947.


Composting 101

Why is ERUCC composting?

  • Composting keeps food waste out of the landfill. This reduces the carbon emissions from the trucks that haul our waste to Chambersburg PA and it reduces the tipping fee that the county pays.
  • Food waste in landfills produce gases that are comprised primarily of methane and carbon dioxide, both of which cause global warming.
  • Composting is a sustainable way to turn food waste into a healthy life-giving soil.

What can we compost at ERUCC?

  • ERUCC has contracted with Key City Compost which is a commercial composting company so we are able to compost much more than you can in a home compost pile.
  • ALL food waste including dairy, meat and cooked food can go in the compost bin.
  • ALL paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates, food soiled paper and pizza boxes can go in the compost bin.
  • BPI compostable cups, bowls and plates. If we use a compostable product during fellowship hour, it will be of compostable quality.

How can you help?

  • Follow the signs on the bins for disposing of waste at the end of fellowship.
  • Dump liquids into the liquid bucket.
  • Food waste and napkins go in the compost bin.
  • Items such as clean paper and plastic or glass bottles, jars or tub go in the recycling bin. Check the list for items that can’t be recycled.  HINT- Clamshells, plastic trays and plastic wrap are not recyclable.
  • Snack bag wrappers go in a separate bin. They can be recycled at Common Market but not in the blue bin.
  • Dishes go in the tub to be washed.
  • Anything that is left goes in the trash bin. This includes Starbucks cups!

You will be AMAZED at how much we can reduce our landfill footprint!  Thanks for helping!





Article by Evangelical Reformed UCC