LET’S STUDY THE BIBLE with The Revs. John and Rebecca Shillingburg
Sundays North Room / Zoom, 9:00 – 10:15 AM


Zoom: bit.ly/ERsunstudy

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We are studying the foundational stories of the Old Testament, the big stories in the order they occurred. The Exile … and the Exodus … is that one event with two names … or two? And if they are different, which came first? Was Daniel in the lion’s den because Joseph put him there? If you’ve ever had questions like these, join us! No prior experience needed; just bring your Bible.

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY with The Rev. Rebecca Shillingburg
North Room / Zoom, 11:00 AM


Zoom: bit.ly/3TdUnOy

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A new study began March 26 using Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity. Revs. David Felten and Jeff Procter-Murphy, along with an all-star cast of Bible scholars and top church teachers, provide a primer to a church movement that encourages every Christian to “live the questions” instead of “forcing the answers.” We will supplement our reading with the DVD course of the same name, Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity, which includes commentary from such bestselling authors as Diana Butler Bass, John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Brian McLaren, and others.

North Room / Zoom, 7:00 – 8:15 PM


Zoom: bit.ly/ERwedstudy

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Like the Sunday morning class, this evening class offers an opportunity to read and discuss the scriptures, looking at them in their original context, considering when and by whom they were written, and how they have been interpreted through the centuries. All you need is a Bible; no prior knowledge is necessary.