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Thursday Thoughts – July 20, 2017

July 20, 2017

Dear Congregation:
“Nothing changes you like travel does.” So wrote Christopher Elliot in Sunday’s Washington Post. He continues, “A new survey reveals the transformative power of travel. More than 10 percent of respondents said a first-time travel experience led them to switch careers or change a relationship. And 21 percent decided to move somewhere completely different as a result of traveling.”
I’ve been hearing your travel stories of this summer and of summers past. I have been watching your posts on Facebook. Clearly, when you travel and when I travel, we see things in new ways. The food tastes different. The scenery looks different. The time spent with family and friends takes on a different quality.
Eliot reflects further about preparing for change when we travel. “Prepare for change: Whether you’re starting a job that lets you travel for business or becoming a post-retirement vagabond, constant travel changes you. You’ll become part of a fraternity of frequent travelers whose perspectives have been shifted by new places and people. You’ll be less afraid to embrace new ideas or cultures or to try new things. Either you’ll learn to live with the vagaries of life on the road or you’ll go mad. I’ve seen that happen. So my first piece of advice: Be flexible. Because if you aren’t, this won’t work.”
Sunday night, three adults and eleven youth and young adults will be traveling to visit with our German friends in Klein Schwechten. Some of us have been there before and for some of us, this will be our first visit. But all of us will be changed by the experience. All of us will come back with new insights on life. All of us will come back with stories of what we saw, heard, learned, tasted, experienced.
I thank you for your support of these travel experiences for our young people and our adults which have been so transformational.

Note: We welcome The Rev. Megan Huesgen and the youth and adult leaders from Immanuel UCC, Shillington, PA to ERUCC. The group is arriving this evening and will be working with the Community Action Agency this weekend and staying in Trinity Chapel. This is their second visit to ERUCC. Welcome back!

Sunday Worship:
The first lesson for today is from the Hebrew Scriptures Genesis 28: 10-19a. We join the unfolding story of Jacob as he is on the run, fleeing for his life after cheating his older brother Esau out of their father Isaac’s blessing (Genesis 27). One in a series of parables about the reign of God, Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43 invites hope-filled trust in God. There is mystery in how God plants, nurtures, and weeds to secure a harvest of promise.

Adult Learning Options (9:30-10:15a.m.)
• Let’s Study the Bible and Prepare for Worship –In this class, we will seek to draw out the major themes found in the lectionary scripture texts on which the sermon will be based. Come join us as we seek to accurately anticipate what the morning’s sermon topic will be and how the texts for the day speak to us. (Facilitated by Stefan Mach and meets in Trinity Chapel)
• Sunday Serendipity: Building project update: a conversation. The joys and the challenges we have faced.


Construction Update
CLICK HERE to see this week’s video of the construction project: Thanks to Jenna Duranko and Amy Aguilar for this week’s update. .

Here are some views of the outside work behind the church.

Food for Thought:
“I now find experiences are far more important than material things. The people in my life are more valuable than my possessions. And the here-and-now is worth more than what might come next. That’s the transformational power of travel.” (Christopher Elliot, Washington Post, July 16, 2017

Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel, Senior Pastor
Evangelical Reformed Church, United Church of Christ
15 West Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
301-662-2762 e-mail:

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