Celebrate Frederick’s Iconic Town Clock and Spire

For over two centuries, the Trinity Chapel steeple has graced Frederick as the oldest of the clustered spires defining the City’s skyline. We invite you to consider four memorable dates when you gaze upon this iconic town clock and steeple: 1763, 1790, 1807, and 2022:

  • German Reformed Church congregation that helped settle Frederick in 1745 constructed he stone tower bas in 1763 using stones contributed by congregation members;
  • The City of Frederick installed the town clock into the stone tower in the 1790s, helping the City of Frederick residents mark time and keep appointments;
  • In 1807, the German Reformed congregation replaced the stone steeple with a graceful wooden steeple designed by Frederick architect Stephen Steiner, who drew inspiration from the churches of Christopher Wren in London. The town clock was reinstalled into this new steeple;
  • In 2022, and after years of regular painting, caulking, and allied maintenance, a major preservation effort of the Trinity Chapel’s steeple is initiated – which still faithfully houses Frederick’s town clock.

About the Steeple, Town Clock and Plans for Restoration

The original spire and town clock have reliably served Frederick as integral elements of both the skyline and of daily life in Frederick. It’s our turn to be stewards of the structure so that 260 years from now, our children, their children, and their grandchildren can enjoy this living history that reflects Frederick’s founding.

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