Sunday, April 11 Bulletin

Sunday, April 11 Bulletin

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Worship Notes:          Love Is a Response to Grace

                        John 20:19–31 “Peace be with you.”

In this story, Jesus appears to the disciples when they are locked away in fear and breathes upon them with a word of peace and empowerment.                                                                    Acts 4:32-35 describes how the early followers of Jesus were so unified that they shared their possessions and cared for another so that no was in need.  The Gospel lesson is from John 20: 19-31.  When Jesus appears to his followers after the resurrection he shows them his hands and side.  Then he breathed on them and blessed them with the Holy Spirit.  Thomas arrived later after Jesus had left and said he needed to see for himself.  Jesus came to be with them again when Thomas was with them and encouraged Thomas to touch his hands and sides.

Article by Evangelical Reformed UCC