Thursday Thoughts, May 14, 2020

Thursday Thoughts, May 14, 2020

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Dear Congregation:

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference announcing that our state was moving into Phase 1 of Maryland Strong: The Roadmap to Recovery.  In Phase 1 more retail and manufacturing operations may be open.  For many of us, the news that hair salons and barber shops can open is one of the best pieces of news we have heard in a while.

As the Governor stated, in Phase 1, houses of worship may open with 50% capacity but there is a strong recommendation to meet outside.  I have to admit that the 50% was confusing – 50% of what?  The 300 + our sanctuary holds?  We are certainly not there yet and those kinds of numbers do not appear in the plan until Phase 3.

Alongside the Governor’s announcement, we also received an announcement that the Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner and the mayors and burgesses of every municipality in Frederick County have agreed to coordinate how and when to implement any proposed changes to the current stay-at-home order.   “The mayors, burgesses and County Executive will need time to evaluate the options and capability to thoughtfully and effectively implement whatever the Governor proposes at his 5 p.m. press conference today. There is agreement that local health data will guide decision-making.”

Article by Evangelical Reformed UCC