Bulletin, Sunday, August 30

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Sunday Worship

In Romans 12: 9-21, named in some Bibles as “Marks of the True Christian,” Paul writes a description of what the Christian life looks like. It reads like a list of instructions, and perhaps was written to offer advice to new Christians. In these exhortations, Paul calls the Christian community to put its faith into action. The imperative verbs give a sense of urgency to the community’s calling. Exercising love, rejoicing in hope, overcoming evil with good – all go to the heart of what it means to be Spirit-led.
A “call to faithful living” is a consistent theme in the readings for this Sunday. Exodus 3:1–15 narrates Moses’ call. It also serves as the call to the people of Israel to hope in God’s promise of a secure future.  In Matthew 16:21–28, Jesus calls both teacher and followers to discipleship

Article by Evangelical Reformed UCC