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Bulletin  for Sunday, September 20, 2020

Bulletin for Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Sunday Worship

Wandering in the wilderness, faced with difficulties of survival, the Israelites complain in Exodus 16: 2-15.  Despite their complaint, God graciously gives them the food they need.  Jesus tells the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, Matthew 20: 1-16, in which the master of the vineyard in which the master of the vineyard is shown to be incredibly gracious.

Thursday Thoughts: September 3, 2020

Thursday Thoughts: September 3, 2020

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Dear Congregation:

I know I don’t need to remind us all that we are in a different world when it comes to our life as a church and everything else. As we anticipate being in this time of pandemic for months to come, we are evaluating what is most helpful for keeping in holding our community connected with one another.    We continue to assess how we can continue our ministry and mission while keeping one another safe.

In-person worship on Sundays and at 6 pm on Wednesdays, outside on the patio, and robust live-streaming provides a variety of choices for worship.  We have a number of adult educational programs and mission outreach activities being planned.  Sunday School for children and youth will resume on September 13th via Zoom calls.  The youth group and God’s Kids’ Club are meeting regularly.   I am excited about the formation of a new youth group composed of 5th – 7th graders.

One of the areas that we are continuing to evaluate is communications with the congregation.  Thursday Thoughts and the monthly newsletter continue.  We’ve added the delivery or mailing of worship packets every month and the feedback we have received is positive to continue preparing and delivering those packets.  If you wish to opt out, please let Amy know.

Early in the pandemic, we added a Monday email blast to provide updated information people to pray for as well as building and activity news.    As the bulletins are printed  so many weeks in advance, the Monday email became a way to fill in the information gap between the bulletins and the newsletter.

I kindly ask that you please let me know or Amy know what you have found helpful in terms of communication and if there are other things you would like us to communicate with you.

I would like to add that one of the challenges for me, as your pastor, is that it is a challenge to go from interacting regularly with 150 + of you each Sunday to less than 30.  I have missed those face-to-face interactions.  Phone calls and email contacts are not the same but as we say over and over these days, it is better than not having contact at all these days.

I have been meeting with those of who feel comfortable sitting outside on your porch, backyard, or in Baker Park.  I’ve enjoyed some physically distanced walking with a few of you.  Let me know if you want to meet somewhere.

Feel free to call the office or send me an email if you want to have a conversation.
Further Note

The Central Atlantic Conference of the UCC will be meeting the end of September.  Here is a link to the agenda and program for the week — September 21-26.  

I encourage you to consider attending the meeting as it will give you a broader look at the UCC and how our conference works in our region.

The church has budgeted for our members to attend these meetings and events of the UCC.  If you are interested in attending, please let me know and I’ll register you.


Sunday, September 6 Bulletin

Sunday, September 6 Bulletin

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Exodus 12:1–14 related the story of the first Passover as the enslaved Hebrew community prepared for an epic journey. It was to be a political journey, from slavery to freedom. It also was to be a journey toward community culture and identity.  In Matthew’s gospel in chapter 18, verses 15-20, Jesus offers that “true greatness” comes in the way we live with each other, especially in “reproving another who sins.”  Holding each other accountable before the community and before God is a great and hard commandment.

We will be sharing in Holy Communion this morning,  If you are worshiping at home, please prepare a plate with bread or a cracker and a cup or cups with juice, wine, or water as we share in the sacrament together.


Bulletin, Sunday, August 30

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Sunday Worship

In Romans 12: 9-21, named in some Bibles as “Marks of the True Christian,” Paul writes a description of what the Christian life looks like. It reads like a list of instructions, and perhaps was written to offer advice to new Christians. In these exhortations, Paul calls the Christian community to put its faith into action. The imperative verbs give a sense of urgency to the community’s calling. Exercising love, rejoicing in hope, overcoming evil with good – all go to the heart of what it means to be Spirit-led.
A “call to faithful living” is a consistent theme in the readings for this Sunday. Exodus 3:1–15 narrates Moses’ call. It also serves as the call to the people of Israel to hope in God’s promise of a secure future.  In Matthew 16:21–28, Jesus calls both teacher and followers to discipleship

Sunday, August 23 Bulletin

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Worship Notes:
Paul uses the image of the Body of Christ in Romans 12: 1-8, to describe the community of those who believe in Jesus the Christ and follow in God’s ways. The Spirit forms this body through unique talents, or gifts, given to each person. When community values and nurtures the expression of each individual’s contribution, the bonds of kinship are expanded and strengthened.
Jesus calls out the faith and the gifts of the disciples in order to build the church. Matthew 16:13–20 invites consideration of the authority Jesus grants to the Body of Christ to be agents of God’s compassion and justice.
Add a pair of sandals to your worship center today as a symbol of the journey of discipleship.
Today we will have our annual blessing of the backpacks. If you are participating in worship at home, please hold your backpacks as we offer a blessing for another year of learning.

Sunday, August 16 Bulletin

Sunday, August 16 Bulletin

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Psalm 133 offers the subversive claim that to live in unity with kindred – human and all of creation — is to experience the blessings of God.   A Gentile woman’s persistent and unconventional actions move Jesus to break down the barrier between Jew and Gentile. As told in Matthew 15:10–12, 21–28, her faith in God, who works through human activity, changes things for the better.

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Sunday, August 9 Bulletin

Sunday, August 9 Bulletin

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In Matthew 14:22–33, we read that the disciples are in a boat, terrified by a raging storm. Jesus comes across the water and saves them. Jesus is amazingly comfortable with the churning water, which the Hebrew people feared as chaos. The disciples grow in their certainty of Jesus’ identity God’s anointed one.
This morning we will be sharing in the sacrament of Holy Communion. For those coming to in-person worship you are welcome to receive the bread and cup from Pastor Daniel or bring your own bread and/or juice/wine. The sacrament will be brought to you while you are seated in the pews. If you are participating in worship via live streaming, please prepare communion with bread, a cracker, juice or wine or water. We will bless these gifts together and receive them as one community.