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May 13, 2021

Dear Congregation:

Activity in our buildings is starting to pick up and we are excited to again welcome our twelve steps groups, the Religious Coalition, and some smaller weddings and dinners.

One of the ways in which our space stands out from some other spaces, besides being clean and classic with a phenomenal kitchen and sound and video, is the radical hospitality we extend to those renting and using the space.  Prior to occupying the new space, we held conversations on building use policies.  In those conversations, we made a commitment to extend hospitality to those coming into our “home.”  The warm welcome that people received from Amy and our church members and friends was an extra bonus for renters.  It left a positive lasting impression.

Amy and I are looking for some volunteers who would be willing to be on a welcome team as people come in to use our space.  For some of these events, we do need to pay for an events person to be present to coordinate the activities and provide support.  We also have some events that do not require the same degree of attention and these are great ways for you to offer ERUCC hospitality.  Then there are some of the larger events that will require extra hands.

Email Amy ( if you are willing to help for events.   Thanks, in advance, for considering this request.



Love Leads the Way

In his prayer in John 17: 6-19, Jesus is sure of one thing: everything comes from God.


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