How To Let Your Light Really Shine

How To Let Your Light Really Shine



Zoom Discussions – Sunday, May 2 and May 9 – 7 p.m.

Led by Jeanellen Kallevang

Meeting ID: 884 2317 5369        Passcode: 473395

Do you know:    Who God is leading you to be?   What spiritual gifts and talents God has given you?   How to translate your unique spiritual gifts into acts of love?

These sessions are for you if you are:  1. Unclear about what the various spiritual gifts are; 2.  uncertain which gifts you have; 3. Trying to determine how to use your gifts.

Prior to the first session, you will take an assessment to ascertain what your spiritual gifts are.  They can vary throughout your life.  The topics at the first session will include identification and explanation of each of the spiritual gifts and what it means to be blessed with a particular gift.

The second session will focus on using those spiritual gifts in your life – with family and friends, at church, at work and in the community.

If there is sufficient interest, a six-week study will be offered later. The study is called “God. Gifts. You – Your Unique Calling and Design.”  It includes Bible verses, discussion questions, and videos to make for lively discussion among the participants.

Contact Jeanellen Kallevang at or (301)919-2057 for details

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