Sunday, August 2 Bulletin

Sunday, August 2 Bulletin

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Sunday Worship
Isaiah 55: 1-5 is an invitation to an abundant life.

As Jesus is wrestling with the news of the death of John the Baptizer, he goes off to a “deserted place by himself.” The disciples, and then the crowds, follow. As told in Matthew 14:13–21, Jesus challenges the disciples to feed the crowd, and blesses the meager rations they have into abundance. This morning we are pleased to welcome Liam Cumber, Emma Davis, Sasha Hoffman, and Jared Hueting into the life of the church through the Rite of Confirmation.

Your worship packets included a wooden fish. Place the fish in your worship centers as a reminder of the abundance of gifts we receive from God. Maybe you want to paint it or color it with markers.

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