Make a Pledge of Generosity and Stewardship to ERUCC

We invite you to make a financial pledge to support Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ.


Season of Stewardship: September 19 – October 10, Consecration Sunday

THANK YOU for your generous contributions throughout the year! Your support has sustained ERUCC during this ongoing pandemic that has affected our lives in ways we could not have imagined.

As the Stewardship/Generosity Committee reviewed the year, wondering what theme we might use for this Fall’s Sea- son of Stewardship, we marveled at the many ways the church had held together. Packets containing bulletins, announcements, and surprises were delivered by members every three weeks. Allison and the ERUCC singers created beautiful mu- sic weekly. Jeff and the tech team made sure our services were available to all. New members and friends joined in, Kim and volunteer teachers kept classes going with our children and youth. Bible and social justice classes continued on Zoom, action ministries flourished. Amy miraculously found ways to keep communications on-going, the re-opening committee figured out how and when we could meet in person again. Members called each other, checking in, helping each other out. Fellowship continued online. Pastor Daniel wrote hand-written notes to inspire and sustain us and created ways to stay active as a congregation living out God’s love. Of course, this is the short list.

It became clear to us – the theme would be ACTS OF LOVE. OUR acts of love have held us together and enabled the church’s work and mission to thrive. And, once again, Colleen Baldree lovingly created our logo.

Our season of stewardship begins Sunday, September 19, and ends on October 10 when we will make our financial commitment to support ERUCC and its missions and ministries for the coming year. During this four-week period of reflection, we will hear personal stories from members about acts of love they have experienced during the pandemic. As we reflect on our own stories, we have the opportunity to deepen our own relationship with God and others.

In early September, you will receive a letter and pledge card. Please prayerfully consider the amount you can commit to supporting ERUCC. On October 10, pledges will be received during the Sunday services. If you worship online, you can make your pledge on ERUCC’s website ( pledge), drop off your card at the church, or mail it in. To celebrate this day, we are hosting an in-person Ice Cream Social for entire congregation after the 10:30 service.

We are the church together in person and online, representing Christ as we put love into action. We look forward to celebrating together!


ACTS OF LOVE sometimes happen spontaneously and some- times after much thought. Here are words from the Stewardship and Generosity team telling why we were drawn to serving:

“I answered yes to an invitation to help with something I had never done before and had, in fact, avoided. My life has been changed.” ~ Susan Kulp

“It is simple. I am on the committee because I love the church and I want to help out in ways that I can.” ~ David Howard

“Traditionally, many have considered the Stewardship/Generosity Committee to be about fundraising. Fundraising can be complicated within a church since culturally we are told to not discuss money since it can cause others to view us with stigma (being poor is considered shameful) or as pretentious (bragging about wealth is considered ill mannered). These views influence and can hamper our stewardship season of reflection. To steal Jeanellen’s verb, God nudged me to join the Stewardship/Generosity Committee because the congregation needed a spiritually centered and committed team to lead its reflection on stewardship. Perhaps more importantly, God is asking me to reframe my emotional understanding of stewardship to recognize that, as the Consecration Sunday model teaches, giving of time, talent, and treasure is to reflect my relationship with God and not to check a box in terms of supporting the church.” ~ Peter Brehm

“Thinking about how our personal gifts and resources can be used to put God’s love in action is a meaningful spiritual practice for me. I am grateful to be a part of a team that helps empower members and friends of ERUCC to reflect on and use their time, talent, and treasure intentionally ~ Tyler York

“I felt like I was supposed to be on the Team, but I still question why. I believed that others struggle with “stewardship questions” like I do.” ~ Jeanellen Kallevang

“When I make a commitment to something I try to stick with it. I don’t mind trying new things and wearing a new hat. In fact, I think I look good in hats.” ~ Julie Clark

As we prepare to give, some questions to reflect upon include:

– When we are giving to the church, to a charity, or another non-profit, are we satisfied with the amount of money we are giving and with the organization we are supporting?

– Or, do we find ourselves simply giving what is left over after other expenditures are made (eating out, travel, etc.) or choosing in a haphazard manner?

If our giving reflects the latter, it may not reflect what we believe in. If we want to give more intentionally, here is one approach we can use:

  1. As an individual or family, set aside a time when you are not hurried and have time to bring a curious, loving mind.
  2. Make a list of the groups whose mission you believe in and want to foster and support.
  3. Review your expenditures, your financial situation, and your budget. Reflect on what you have, the amount you spend, and what you spend your money on.

— Does your money support the things that mean the most to you?

— If it does not, are you ready to make some conscious changes?

  1. Now, you are ready to decide to whom you will give and how much. You may choose a specific amount or a portion of your income. It may be a lot or a little. The important thing is to just start, make that financial support your first priority, and let your other expenditures follow. It’s a beginning and a place to grow from.

Exercising financial stewardship intentionally can be a way to grow your faith.