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Sunday, May 10th Bulletin

Sunday, May 10th Bulletin

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Fifth Sunday of Easter

In 1 Peter 2:2–10, the readers are thought to have been Gentiles who became followers of Jesus. They are scattered throughout the lands of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas under the rule of the Roman Empire and its culture. This letter aspires to guide and inspire them in their daily lives as they are grown into the ways of being God’s own people, recipients of God’s mercy and inclusion. The language/theme of rocks/stones continues through this passage with Christ being portrayed as both a precious cornerstone for those who trust in him and as a stumbling block to those who don’t. This theme connects in part to today’s gospel reading, John 14:1–14.  Jesus, as part of his farewell discourse before betrayal and execution, speaks words of reassurance to his disciples.                                                                                                                   
For Your Worship Centers on Sunday, have your candle and Bible, and include the heart that came in your packet from the church this week.  Add some fresh flowers from your garden.  You may also consider adding a stone to represent Christ as the cornerstone for our lives and faith.

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