Warrior’s Journey Home



Warrior’s Journey Home now has a Chapter in Frederick, MD that is being sponsored by Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ.  Our mission is to provide the means of spiritual healing for our veterans, their families and the community through education, support, forgiveness, healing, reconciliation and initiation.  March will mark the beginning of this Ministry in Frederick and will offer help to anyone in Maryland. We are a group of people with compassion for our military families.  Many of our volunteers are combat veterans who have experienced the challenges and stress of military service.  Warrior’s Journey Home is non-sectarian and non-political.

To Listen – To Speak – To Heal – To Come Home, these are key phrases in this ministry. Through the use of ritual, veterans and their families find restoration and reconciliation via spiritual ceremony.   Spiritual ceremonies hopefully will bring a connection with the Divine Spirit.  The Healing Circle is open to veterans, their families and civilians in the community to bring the warrior home in both body and spirit.  Healing the invisible wounds of war is an important aspect of this ministry.

In the circle, we agree to share honestly with open hearts.  We will honor all beliefs and keep our statements non-political.

In order to create safety in the Warrior’s circle:

  • I will respect what is shared here.
  • I will tell the truth.
  • I will not repeat what I hear outside of this circle. This is a confidential circle.
  • I will not use language or behavior to harm.
  • I will respect everyone’s point of view, even if it is different than my own.
  • I will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • I will not interrupt when someone else is speaking.
  • I will actively listen with open heart.

Those who come to Warriors’ Journey Home and enter the Warrior’s Circle they realize that when they share their stories with others, they’re letting go of their personal pain.  At Warriors’ Journey Home, the most important aspect is listening.  Listening without judgement or comment.

The Talking Stick is used in this ministry to keep order during healing circles.  Only the person holding the Talking Stick is allowed to speak while everyone else listens.  The Talking Stick serves another purpose in this ministry, it acts as a big memory stick.  It is the depository for every story told by those holding it and it has unlimited memory storage.  It also serves to take away part of the burden the speaker may be carrying.   As each subsequent person holds the stick they absorb a part of the burden as well. Joys as well as burdens are stored as the speaker holds the Talking Stick.

Healing cannot begin until we learn to listen.

Listen – Speak – Heal   —  These three words are central to the WJH Model.

To listen, to speak, to heal and to come home. 

The Warrior’s Path 

The Warrior’s Path is a life-long journey and positive change of life style. The warrior’s path is disciplined, caring, honorable, courageous, sacrificial, and distinguished. Veterans returning from active duty need the initiatory experience of transition from veteran to warrior and from the military to civilian life. Historically, this life transition was originally accomplished through the community, the guidance of elders, and ritual ceremony.

Those who come to Warriors’ Journey Home realize that when they share their stories with others, they’re letting go of their personal pain.  “War wounds our soul,” Reverend John Schluep the founder of Warrior’s Journey Home says. He also says that warriors need to find a way to make their wounds bleed in order for the veteran to heal; and it’s the warrior’s responsibility to make this happen.  This ministry helps the Warrior along this path of healing.

Healing Circles are conducted twice a month on the first and third Sundays of the month at 7PM.  Healing Circles typically last from one to two hours.  They are held in Trinity Chapel at 10 West Church Street in Frederick, Md.  The Chapel is handicap accessible and the Healing Circles are conducted on the first floor of the Chapel.  For more information call the church at 301-662-2762 or the facilitator at 240-529-4125.  March 6, 2016 will be our first Healing Circle and an orientation session will be held prior to the Healing Circle.