Thursday Thoughts – March 22, 2018

Dear Congregation:

What did you do on your snow day?   I like snow days, as long as I don’t have to travel anywhere. Snow days can be a gift as I watched the snow softly falling in our backyard even as I stayed warm inside.   I like having some unplanned hours to read and plan ahead. A snow day is a good pause and a break from the busy schedules so many of us lead on a regular basis.

We have some busy days ahead of us. We have continued work at the church to finish painting and getting things cleaned up for returning to the sanctuary on Sunday.   If you have time Friday, we can use your painting skills and on Friday, we can use your cleaning skills as we return items to their rightful places.

You’ll be amazed at the work that has been done in the Sanctuary to clean up after the fire. Yes, it looks pretty much the same, but there is a fresh coat of paint, clean pew cushions, clean carpet…clean everything. Take some time to visit the sacristy and Thomas Room and bell choir closet areas and see the work our members have done in painting and putting down new flooring.

Saturday, we have two buses traveling to Washington, DC for the March for Our Lives. (Due to some cancellations, a few seats remain! Call the church office to reserve your seat!) There we will join thousands of others who are concerned about gun violence, particularly how gun violence affects our children. I hope and pray that, together, our presence and our voices, will persuade change in the ways in which our society honors gun ownership more than the lives of our children.

As people of faith, we are always on a journey.   In the past few weeks, we have journeyed back and forth between the Parish House , Sanctuary and Trinity Chapel and All Saints. We have become very adept at packing what we need in crates and boxes. We have adapted and adapted again.

Sunday, we begin the journey from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the Last Supper to the cross and then to the glorious resurrection on Easter.   I invite you to make the time and attend services as you are able as we travel with Jesus this Holy Week.

















Palm Sunday Worship at ERUCC                 March 21                                Love Arriving

Mark 11:1–11 “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!”

This week marks the beginning of the week when we tell the story that is central to our faith. It begins with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and continues with his arrest, trial, and death. Next comes the Resurrection. We will hear of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as we read from Mark 11: 1-11 and then of his passion as we read from Mark 14 and 15. Brass music will be featured at the 10:30 service. The Senior Choir will be singing.

***Please note that those who wish can meet at Baker Park at 10:00 for a Palm Sunday procession with other downtown churches. We will process to our respective churches with our branches. Others may come to the Sanctuary. Yes, we are back in our beloved space!

Adult Education, Sunday, March 25       “Let’s Talk”

We continue our discussion of Walter Brueggemann’s book, A Way Other Than Our Own.Lent recalls times of wilderness and wandering, from newly freed Hebrew slaves in exile to Jesus temptation in the desert. God has always called people out of their safe, walled cities into uncomfortable places, revealing paths they would never have chosen. Despite our culture of self-indulgence, we too are called to walk an alternative path one of humility, justice, and peace. Walter Brueggemann s thought-provoking reflections for the season of Lent invite us to consider the challenging, beautiful life that comes with walking the way of grace.


March 25 – April 1

Palm Sunday                                     March 25

8:30 a.m.           Worship, Trinity Chapel

10:00 a.m.        Meet in Baker Park (if you wish) and join with other downtown church members for a procession to our respective churches.

10:30 a.m.         Worship, Main Church Building (Special music with brass)

Wednesday                                       March 28

Noon to 12:55 p.m. – Prayer Service, Lunch, and Conversation (Trinity Chapel)

Holy Thursday                                 March 29

7:30 p.m. – Holy Communion and Tenebrae Service (main sanctuary)

This service will be held in the sanctuary again this year and include the traditional readings and extinguishing candles as we have previously done when the service was held in the social room.

Good Friday                                       March 30

Noon and 7:30 (in the main Sanctuary)

Easter Tradition

Each year, the congregation of ERUCC brings fresh cut flowers to church on Easter Sunday.   These flowers are displayed on a cross in front of our church.   Please continue this beautiful tradition and bring your fresh cut flowers to display on our beautiful cross!


Construction Update













Food for Thought:     

“The important question to ask is not, ‘What do you believe?’ but ‘What difference does it make that you believe?’ Does the world come nearer to the dream of God because of what you believe?” (Verna J. Dozier, 20th century)



Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel, Senior Pastor
Evangelical Reformed Church, United Church of Christ
15 West Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
301-662-2762 e-mail:



Interfaith Seder

You are invited to our first interfaith Seder between Kol Ami, Calvary UMC, and ERUCC! There will be a cost to help pay for the main dishes, but if that is a problem, please come anyway and we’ll find a way to pay for you!

Date: 04/07/2018 (Sat.)                      Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm EDT

Location: 131 W. Second Street Frederick, MD 21701


To sign up for food:


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