Sunday Schedules

(Scripture notes from Season of the Spirit and Pulpit Resource)

April 7                               Fifth Sunday in Lent – The Free Way (Thoroughfare)

Paul stresses the Christian life as a matter of living God’s promised future in Philippians 3: 4b-14, of leaving something behind so that a life far better might be fully embraced. In the Gospel Lesson, John 12: 1-8, Jesus is anointed, as if for burial, by a woman who loves him. Thus, we are given a preview of the events that are to await him in the coming week.

New paths are possible through freedom in Christ. And these ways are made plain before us if we have eyes to see. Yes, we will strain against adversity–such is life. But new life is always possible. New horizons are ours through relationship with God and with each other. We will offer symbols of our efforts this day in the form of rocks (which can be both stumbling blocks and stepping stones along the way) and affirm that God, our rock and our redeemer is with us every step.

We will be sharing communion by the method of intinction. The Senior Choir will be singing.

April 14                                Palm Sunday – The Other Way (Service Road)

On Palm Sunday, we shout our praises before quieting our voices to enter into the passion of our God. We will hear of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as we read from Luke 19: 28-40 and then of his passion in Luke 22: 14 – 23: 56. When Jesus’ critics urge him to silence his exuberant followers, Jesus says that if they were silent even the stones would shout forth his praise.

This moment on this road for Jesus feels both like the end and the beginning. Such are so many moments of our lives. A pilgrimage may reach its destination, but the hope, the wisdom, the lessons learned along the way have offered a new starting point for us. What have we learned and what transformation–what “other way”–are we called to in the name of right relationship in our lives?

Special music will be provided by Market Street Brass and the Senior Choir.

April 21                                  Easter

The Easter story as recorded by John in 20: 1-18 and the other gospel writers place the first news of the Resurrection in the hands of women – and, in John’s case, in Mary Magdalene’s hands alone. The surprise of resurrection prepares disciples for surprising witness. Christ is among us. So said Mary, so say those who follow her lead. Christ is risen. Alleluia! Acts 10:34–43 tells about Peter’s witness to the God revealed in Christ, whose impartiality offers acceptance to all.

Special music will be provided by brass and our vocal choirs. This morning communion will be served to you as you are seated in the pews. EASTER TRADITION Each year, the congregation of ERUCC brings fresh cut flowers to church on Easter Sunday. These flowers are displayed on a cross in front of our church. Please continue this beautiful tradition and bring your fresh cut flowers to display on our beautiful cross!

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April 28                                 Holy Humor Sunday
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In the time of uncertainty and fear described in John 20:19–31, God’s ultimate power is revealed through the wounds of Jesus. Gifts of peace and Spirit are given to Thomas and the other disciples, to empower their witness. Peter dares to give his witness before the leaders of the Jewish Council in Acts 5: 27-32.

The Senior Choir and Young Spirit will be singing.