Sunday Schedules

(Scripture notes from Season of the Spirit and Pulpit Resource)

October 6                            World Communion Sunday

This morning we celebrate World Communion Sunday. This day is observed in many parts of the world to acknowledge the fact that Christians around the world are – symbolically – gathered around a common table. 2 Timothy 1: 1-14 opens with thanksgiving for the faith of Timothy and for those who have helped to form the faith of this young leader of the church. In the Gospel lesson, Luke 17: 5-10, Jesus speaks to his disciples about forgiveness and faith, concluding with a parable about dutiful servants. Holy Communion will be shared as we are seated in the pews this morning.. The Senior Choir will be singing along with Young Spirit with Children’s Music & Movement.

The Rev. Carolyn Roberts will be leading worship.

October 13

Paul instructs his younger fellow worker Timothy in 2 Timothy 2: 8-15, telling Timothy to be “ready for every good work.” The Gospel lesson is Luke 17: 11-19. Out in Samaria, out beyond the boundaries of Israel, Jesus meets ten lepers, he heals them and is amazed by the gratitude of one.

Spirit and Young Spirit will be sharing in music leadership this morning.

October 20
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Justice, love, and faithfulness are at the heart of the new covenant that God makes with the people in Jeremiah 31:27–34. As the prophet describes, the covenant that leads the people out of slavery was eventually broken by their unfaithfulness. The writer distinguishes the nature of this new covenant written on their hearts.

God empowers the people, engraving justice and the promise of God’s faithfulness in their very core.

Luke 18: 1-8 includes a parable from Jesus about their “need to pray always and not to lose heart.” We are told of a persistent widow seeking justice against an unfavorable judge. This story indicates our state in seeking justice in relation to a very favorable God.

This morning we welcome the Catawba College Singers to worship.

October 27
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The first lesson for today is from Joel 2:23–32. This is a text that testifies to the rewards of abundance. Images
of great harvests, and of powerful gifts to individuals (prophecy and dreams), fill this periscope with words of
promise. Even when it appears that the world is going to turn “inside out” – with the sun going dark and the
moon turning to blood – God is promising salvation for all who call on God’s name. Jesus tells a shocking
story in Luke 18: 9-14, in which the bad tax collector is justified and the righteous Pharisee is unjustified.
Jesus tells this story to those who trust in themselves for their righteousness and look upon others with

The Senior Choir will be singing. The Rev. Michele Beadle will be preaching with Pastor Daniel leading the liturgy.