Sunday Schedules

(Scripture notes from Season of the Spirit and Pulpit Resource)


May 7                                        Fourth Sunday of Easter — Heritage Sunday

The readings from Acts in the Season of Easter relate accounts of the earliest Christian community.

We learn in Acts 2: 42-47 that this body is formed by Christ and nourished by the Spirit through teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. Such daily actions continue to bring the Body of Christ to life and shape its powerful witness to its neighbors A powerful witness to the closeness of the relationship between shepherd and sheep, between Christ and the church, is at the heart of John 10:1–10. This relationship leads to abundant life.

This morning we will celebrate Heritage Sunday and be singing hymns from the Evangelical and Reformed Church Hymnal (the red hymnal. The Senior Choir will be singing.

We will receive communion at the chancel rail. The annual congregational meeting will be held following worship.

May 14                                         Fifth Sunday of Easter
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The Youth of ERUCC will be leading worship this morning on the theme, “Make Them Hear You.”Spirit, Young Spirit, and the Children’s Choir will be singing.

May 21                                       Sixth Sunday of Easter – Bell Sunday
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The Gospel lesson for this morning is John 14: 15-21. As Jesus promised, God’s presence abides in us through the Spirit – our advocate, comforter, and encourager – and the practice of love. God’s nearness in Spirit blesses us in our witness. The hallmark of this relationship is love expressed in word and deed. The nearness of God’s presence is underscored by Paul’s address to the Athenians, recorded in Acts
17:22–31. As Paul’s witness proclaims the saving love of God in Christ, a church forms and grows. Even when God’s presence is unrecognized, God in Christ draws near.

The Rev. John Shillingburg will be leading worship this morning. The Senior Choir will be singing
and all our bell choirs will be playing this morning.

May 28                                          Seventh Sunday of Easter
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Jesus makes clear in Acts 1: 6-14, that the role of a disciple is to be Jesus’ witnesses throughout the  world, under the power of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel lesson, John 17: 1-11, is part of Jesus’ final prayer with the disciples, preparing them for their lives as witnesses to the saving love of God.

The Rev. Rebecca Shillingburg will be leading worship this morning. The Senior Choir will be singing.