Sunday Schedules

(Scripture notes from Season of the Spirit and Pulpit Resource)



Easter Sunday      April 1 Love Comes to Life       John 20:1–18         “I have seen the Lord.”

In John’s gospel, Mary Magdalene has an encounter with the risen Christ. In John, Mary announces what she has seen. We will share pew communion during the 10:30 service. Special music will be provided with brass as well as our vocal and bell choirs.

What is your own Easter experience like? Remember to bring your fresh cut flowers to church to decorate our cross.

April 8              Love Is a Response to Grace /Holy Humor Sunday     John 20:19–31     “Peace be with you.”

In this story, Jesus appears to the disciples when they are locked away in fear and breathes upon them with a word of peace and empowerment. Acts 4:32-35 describes how the early followers of Jesus were so unified that they shared their possessions and cared for another so that no was in need. The Gospel lesson is from John 20: 19-31. When Jesus appears to his followers after the resurrection he shows them his hands and side.

Then he breathed on them and blessed them with the Holy Spirit. Thomas arrived later after Jesus had left and said he needed to see for himself. Jesus came to be with them again when Thomas was with them and encouraged Thomas to touch his hands and sides.

Today is Holy Humor Sunday so wear your bright colors and funny hats and be prepared to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Young Spirit and Spirit will be singing.

Think of the last time someone calmed and empowered you. When have you done the same for someone else? Make it your mission this week to look for occasions to breathe peace into a situation of fear.

April 15                  Love Means Showing Up                        Luke 24:36b–48                   “Peace be with you.”

Here it is again – another story like last week from John’s gospel (John 20:19–31) when Jesus encounters the disciples after the Resurrection and greets them with a word of peace. This encounter, however, doesn’t seem to calm the disciples but stirs them up. When does being a Christ-like peace bearer stir things up?

Do some reading on the internet about peace bearers like Martin Luther King, Jr. or organizations that protest against nuclear armament. Explore your own sense of call to being a peace bearer.

As part of Hood’s College’s 125th Anniversary celebration, ERUCC has invited Hood College President, Dr. Andrea E. Chapdelaine, to speak during the 10:30 a.m. worship service today. The Senior Choir will be singing.

April 22                 Love in Truth and Action                John 10:11–18        “I know my own and my own know me.”
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Jesus identifies himself in terms that people of his day and culture could understand – “I am the good shepherd.” Being a good shepherd is linked to knowing the sheep and laying down one’s life for the sheep.

Today is Youth Sunday and the Youth of ERUCC will be leading worship.

April 29                    Love Abides                                  John 15:1–8
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“Every branch that bears fruit God prunes to make it bear more fruit.” Jesus explains that God is like an expert gardener – an image well understood by the people who lived in Jesus’ agrarian times. Today we can still identify with this imagery’s meaning in our lives. We might already know that if we do not stay connected to the source of life we will not flourish. We will not bear fruit. The connection, to the source of life and community, is vital to our Christian faith. When we forget, how do we become reconnected? I John 4: 7-21 tells how important it is to abide in God. God is love, and when we love one another; God lives in us. Love is the fruit that we, the vine, produce. We are called to love our brothers and sisters, as God has loved us.

The Senior Choir will be singing.

Plant something new in your garden or on a windowsill and watch it grow. If you don’t have a “green thumb,” get a head start by planting something that’s already flowering or producing fruit, such as a basil plant or flowering bush.