Sunday Schedules

(Scripture notes from Season of the Spirit and Pulpit Resource)

August 5

The writer of Ephesians in 4: 1-16 tells the people to forbear one another in love in order that the Body of Christ, the church, might be edified. In a reminder of the importance of nourishing the spirit with food that draws eternal life, Jesus calls himself the bread of life in John 6:24–35, bread that sustains the Body of Christ. We will be sharing communion this morning while seated in the pews.

August 12

Our first lesson, Ephesians 4: 25-5:2 reminds us that the new life in Christ is lived in love. Jesus reminds his disciples that he is the bread of life in John 6:35, 41–51, and models the true life lived in God. Participants in this year’s Vacation Bible School will share some of the songs they learned during the week. Today we will be welcoming new members into the life of the church.

August 19

Our reading from Proverbs 9:1-6 celebrates how rather than being a God of ridicule and punishment, ours is a ceaselessly generous God who invites both the wise and the foolish to the table of insight, to feast and to thrive on grace. In today’s passage from Ephesians 5: 15-20, the people of the early church are encouraged to live with wisdom, to use their time well, and to reject foolishness. In John 9:1-41 we watch how working against God’s wisdom sews discord and chaos while leaning into it brings healing and enlightenment. Together, these
passages affirm the centrality of God’s gift of wisdom in the life of faith. The Rev. Michele Beadle will be preaching this morning.

August 26
(Bulletin Not Yet Available)

The first reading from Ephesians 6: 10-20 is a reflection on the spiritual forces that get in the way of our living as God calls us to live, as well as a description of the ways in which God prepares and protects us for the challenges of the life of faith. This week’s focus passage calls believers to prayer and perseverance, even amid trying times.

In John 6:56–69, Jesus’ own disciples seem to be offended by his teachings, yet Peter recognizes that in Jesus is the “Holy One of God.” In Christ, the dwelling place for God, they have found their home and strength to go on when others have turned back.