THURSDAY THOUGHTS December 9th 2021

THURSDAY THOUGHTS December 9th 2021

A full copy of December 9th 2021 Thursday Thoughts can be found: HERE

December 9, 2021

Dear Congregation:

In light of our Advent theme of making room for the holy and last Sunday’s theme of making room at the table for all and this week’s theme of how much is enough, I share this beautiful poem and artwork from Jan Richardson.


And the table will be wide.

And the welcome will be wide.

And the arms will open wide to gather us in.

And our hearts will open wide to receive.

And we will come as children who trust there is enough.

And we will come unhindered and free.

And our aching will be met with bread.

And our sorrow will be met with wine.

And we will open our hands to the feast without shame.

And we will turn toward each other without fear.

And we will give up our appetite for despair.

And we will taste and know of delight.

And we will become bread for a hungering world.

And we will become drink for those who thirst.

And the blessed will become the blessing.

And everywhere will be the feast.

—Jan Richardson

Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel, Senior Pastor

Evangelical Reformed Church, United Church of Christ

15 West Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701




Article by Jenna Duranko